Industrial Robotic Arm

Industrial Robotic Arm

Toshiba Machine are probably the world's easiest to use Industrial Robots. Their Industrial Robots offer huge productivity, efficiency & professionalism gains, thus vastly improving your business procedures & more importantly your company's bottom line.

Easily achieve high productivity in assembly & pick-and place applications, quickly & elegantly with our range of Vertical Articulated Robot.


2-Axis BA2 X-Y

Max Stroke: 2,500mm x 1,000mm | Max Payload: 40kg BA2 X-Y, Toshiba CARTESIAN Robot..

2-Axis BA2 X-Z

Max Stroke: 2,500mm x 1,000 mm | Max Payload: 25kg BA2 X-Z, Toshiba CARTESIAN Robot, Multi-Axis. ..

2-Axis BA2 Y-Z

Max Stroke: 2,500mm x 1,000 mm | Max Payload: 20kg BA2 Y-Z, Toshiba CARTESIAN Robot, Multi-A..

2-Axis BA2 Z-Y

Max Stroke: 1,500mm x 1,000 mm | Max Payload: 38kg BA2 Z-Y, Toshiba CARTESIAN Robot, Multi-Axis. ..

3-Axis BA2 X-Y-Z

Max Stroke: 2,500 x 1,000 x 300 mm | Max Payload: 15kg BA2 X-Y-Z, Toshiba CARTESIA..

4-Axis BA2 X-Y-Z-R

Max Stroke: 1,500 x 1,050 x 300 mm x 360 deg | Max Payload: 10kg BA2 X-Y-Z-R, Toshiba CARTES..


Max Stroke: 50mm - 200mm | Max Payload: 1.5kg - 5.2kg BAC3D / 4D Rod, Toshiba CARTESIAN..


Max Stroke: 50mm - 700mm | Max Payload: 1.5kg - 6.0kg BAC5D / 7D Slider, Toshiba CARTESIAN R..


Max Stroke: 50mm - 150mm | Max Payload: 1.0kg - 9.0kg BAC5D/7D TABLE, Toshiba CARTESIAN Robo..

SCARA Robot TH1050A

The TH1050A from Toshiba Machine is a SCARA robot used for industrial applications. Its compact desi..

SCARA Robot TH1200A

This is a high-speed SCARA robot with arm length 1200mm and maximum payload capacity 20kg. Large-siz..

SCARA Robot TH180

The TH180 is SCARA robot line's smallest model. Its compact design along with its 180mm arm span..

SCARA Robot TH250A

This is a small high-speed SCARA robot with arm length 250mm and maximum payload capacity 3kg. ..

SCARA Robot TH350A

Industrial SCARA robots introduced by Toshiba Machine features a 3 kg maximum load capacity with a c..

SCARA Robot TH450A

This is a high-speed SCARA robot with arm length 450mm and maximum payload capacity 5kg. It sup..