Cartesian BA2 Series

Cartesian BA2 Series

The lineup of rich variations short cycle time, high accuracy, from a single axis to orthogonal axes (2 to 4 axes) are lined up to respond to each user's requirements.


2-Axis BA2 X-Y

Max Stroke: 2,500mm x 1,000mm | Max Payload: 40kg BA2 X-Y, Toshiba CARTESIAN Robot..

2-Axis BA2 X-Z

Max Stroke: 2,500mm x 1,000 mm | Max Payload: 25kg BA2 X-Z, Toshiba CARTESIAN Robot, Multi-Axis. ..

2-Axis BA2 Y-Z

Max Stroke: 2,500mm x 1,000 mm | Max Payload: 20kg BA2 Y-Z, Toshiba CARTESIAN Robot, Multi-A..

2-Axis BA2 Z-Y

Max Stroke: 1,500mm x 1,000 mm | Max Payload: 38kg BA2 Z-Y, Toshiba CARTESIAN Robot, Multi-Axis. ..

3-Axis BA2 X-Y-Z

Max Stroke: 2,500 x 1,000 x 300 mm | Max Payload: 15kg BA2 X-Y-Z, Toshiba CARTESIA..

4-Axis BA2 X-Y-Z-R

Max Stroke: 1,500 x 1,050 x 300 mm x 360 deg | Max Payload: 10kg BA2 X-Y-Z-R, Toshiba CARTES..

Single-Axis BA2-10

Max Stroke: 100mm - 1,850mm | Max Payload: 10kg - 50kg BA2-10, Toshiba CARTES..

Single-Axis BA2-30

Max Stroke: 100mm - 2,500mm | Max Payload: 15kg - 80kg​ BA2-30, Toshiba CARTESIAN Robot..

Single-Axis BA2-50

Max Stroke: 200mm - 2,500mm | Max Payload: 20kg-150kg BA2-50, Toshiba CARTESIAN Ro..

Single-Axis BA2-60

Max Stroke: 150mm - 4,450mm | Max Payload: 100kg - 250kg BA2-60, Toshiba CARTESIAN Robo..

Single-Axis BA2-T*/05D/07D/00D

Max Stroke: 50mm - 500mm | Max Payload: 4kg - 30kg BA2, Toshiba CARTESIAN Robot, Single Axis..