Storage solution across industries. Boost your organization’s productivity. 

ASRS & VLM systems are designed for automated storage and retrieval of parts and items in manufacturing, distribution, retail, wholesale and institutions. Smart organizations see the importance of better-fit storage solutions to boost business value while increasing performance to drive business value. Find out how storage investments can help achieve your business goals.

In the Limelight - Automatic Car Parking System


Mimaki 3D Printer

Detailed piece is faithfully reproduced.  Mimaki uses original wave form control and hi..
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Hänel Rotomat Industrial Carousels Storage System

Goods to man and not man to goods Each Hanel Rotomat® is designed according to the tried..
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Hänel Lean-Lift Storage System

Flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Vertical lift module, also known as VLM system, c..
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Hanel Rotomat Office Carousels Storage System

The Hanel Rotomat® Office is the optimal filing system for office and administration. Folders..
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Stopa Sheet Metal Storage System

STOPA Sheet Metal Storage: ASRS for the raw material - metal. Modern sheet metal storage means mu..
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Stopa Longspan Shelving & Storage System

STOPA Longspan Shelving: ASRS for the metal industry. Due to their weight and instability, pipes,..
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Mobile Robot

Mobile Robot for Warehouse Distribution Scallog designs and manufactures robotics solution for lo..
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Automatic Car Parking System

Maximize the number of cars a location can handle while automating the entire vehicle storage an..
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